Decentraland is a decentralised, Ethereum based Metaverse. It is owned by its users, powered by the MANA token and governed through a DAO. Since its inception in January 2020, it has become the virtual reality platform of choice for brands, creatives, NFT artists and gamers.
Composed of 90,000 individual parcels of LAND, when you own a piece of real estate in Decentraland you are free to build a digital environment in line with your vision of the Metaverse. Games, applications, hotels, music venues, art galleries, e-commerce. Anything you can build IRL can be made in Decentraland.
Atari recently announced they would buy more land so gamers could experience iconic games in the Metaverse. It won’t be long until the global mega-brands of Nike, Coca-Cola and EA sports are buying up land and building their virtual HQs with MANA.
It will be on one such parcel of land in Decentraland that the Gambling Apes Casino will be built and accessible to all. Buying a Gambling Apes NFT also brings you a step closer to the future of technology, the future of the internet and propels you into the Metaverse at ground level.
Designed in conjunction with incredible digital artists, the casino will be an extraordinary place where Gambling Apes NFT holders can get lost in a sea of poker tables, roulette wheels and blackjack. Weekly tournaments, sports betting competitions, leader boards and juicy prize pools will all be on the menu.
Not everyone can go to Vegas IRL, but you can go to the Fabulous Gambling Apes casino in just a few clicks. In Decentraland, it’s possible to build a casino in the Metaverse, it will showcase the next level in NFT utility, and you can join the NFT community to move away from Twitter and the Discord channels and have a real experience.
See you at the tables.


‌Ethics, fair distribution and transparency. These are integral to the Gambling Apes NFT, and they always will be. All transactions, profits, and payouts to players will only be made through publicly known wallet addresses. Each month Gambling Apes NFT holders will have access (in closed channels) to monthly reporting, including:
  • Overall P/L Statement
  • P/L of every game
  • Use of Funds
  • Promotion / Marketing


‌When the Gambling Apes community speaks, we listen. Which sports should be included in the weekly sports betting book? Which city will the next Go-Banana party be held? Which casino games should be added at the Gambling Apes Casino? What promotions should we run and when? All the important decisions which affect the community will be put to a vote. We want you to be making the decisions which matter to you.


‌Key developers and designers are already in place and working around the clock on launch. However, such is the excitement around the Gambling Apes NFT project we are in need of some skilled and passionate team members. If you want to join the team, listen up.
The Gambling Apes Casino and community is about the experience. We want to give every player access to the best experience possible. We are looking for casino hosts who have experience looking after high rollers and low rollers alike. Interested? DM us in Discord.
There will be future openings for community leaders, ambassadors, celebrity endorsement and moderators. Follow our social channels for news.