Go Banana Parties

NFTs and the Metaverse are about community, yet many collections brush over the importance of the connections which brought us all here in the first place. As the white paper has already highlighted, the utility of Gambling Apes goes far beyond a mere collectible. Your casino in Decentraland is the first part of our collective ambition, the concrete casinos of Las Vegas our second. Yes, Gambling Apes!! It’s Party time in Sin City.
Our first party will be on the 25th September in Sin City: The one and only Las Vegas, Nevada, the spiritual home of Gambling Apes.
Our meetups will be the stuff of legend, our exclusive parties for owners of Gambling Apes NFTs the biggest events of the year. The first party will begin with a bang. In the UFC 266 cage. We’ll have a suite and will be giving away tickets. For those who don’t win, there will be a daytime poker and blackjack tournament to enter with huge prize pools.
An exact agenda and more information will be released shortly!
Our roadmap will feature at least two parties a year, one in Las Vegas and the second in a city chosen by the Gambling Ape community. All the parties will feature special events and an opportunity to gamble at the tables.
The best thing of all will be meeting all your Ape friends you have made on the virtual felts of Decentraland, Discord channels and Twitter.
As the saying goes, ‘if you can remember it, you weren’t there.’