The Metaverse is the technological future. It is the future of Gaming, as well as the future of Gambling. It is the future of the Internet; the blurring of multiple realities; the fusing of the digital with the virtual and the physical world. Consequently it will be omnipresent. Not only that, the Metaverse is a mighty fine place to have a Gambling Apes Casino. So shuffle up and deal.
However, not everyone is as open to the endless possibilities of a decentralized Metaverse as we are as Gambling Apes. Not yet. But we can hear the ground moving, a thousand degen apes looking for more! There is a shift in the mindset of poker players and gamblers, a move from the traditional online casinos - where you can only use FIAT - to the blockchain-based Crypto Casinos where tokens rule.
The first Bitcoin casino appeared as far back as 2013. Pioneers of the Crypto Casino movement, and, have taken on the mantle, enticing huge numbers of players and catching up with some of the largest, well-known online casinos. The trend is one of continued adoption and we expect the shift to be complete within the decade. Gambling Apes will play a big role in the future of crypto casinos.
In the meantime, we understand some of you like your casinos online, that you aren’t quite ready to join us in the Metaverse. This is why we are building TWO Gambling Apes Casinos. Decentraland will be the home of the Metaverse Casino - the one where we hope you will all join us, sooner rather than later.
The second Gambling Apes Casino will be a more traditional, online crypto casino, similar to established crypto casinos. You’ll be able to play slots and cards. There will be a sportsbook and much more (again, get on our Discord to know more).
This casino will be a little different. We believe the Metaverse is our true home, so the hosts and croupiers who will be looking after you in the online crypto casino will show what the high rollers are doing in the Gambling Apes Metaverse Casino. Regardless of where you choose to play, you’ll have the best experience and utility on offer in the world of NFTs.
The Gambling Apes NFT and accompanying Casinos are traversing the void, connecting players, who traditionally gamble and play cards on Web 1.0 platforms, with the future incarnation of Crypto Casinos in the Metaverse. Hurrah!
What is in it for you as a Gambling Apes NFT holder?
The same profit share you receive from the Metaverse Casino will be yours from the web 1.0 casino.
A team of developers is working with our casino-based partners to set up the platform. It should be live four-to-six weeks after the NFT Gambling Apes are minted.
What do you name a crypto casino?
Exclusive content for Gambling Apes NFT holders is, and will continue to be, part of our utility roadmap. As concerns the online casino, you, the community; will name it. After launch we will run a naming contest in our Ape Holders Only Discord Channel. There will be prizes to be won, a naming celebration and some awesome community shenanigans no doubt.