Exclusive Merchandising

Let me paint you a picture (you can mint it later) to showcase the fashion utility of the Gambling Apes NFT.
You’re in the Bellagio, making your way to the high roller tables to flex your bankroll. Or you’re taking a break from high-stakes PLO to have a high ball at the Circus-Circus bar, you’re dressed to impress in your exclusive Gambling Apes merchandise, repping your NFT with that Las Vegas pride.
Everyone is looking at you, envious because they know they’ll never be able to get their hands on what you’re wearing. Then you notice a fellow Gambling Ape Degen dressed in their own exclusive gear. This is the power of the GA community, of finding your friends among the riff-raff.
The best NFT collections have an exclusive club and The Gambling Apes NFT club is called the Max Bet Club. It is only accessible to members and it is here where you will be able to purchase your exclusive merchandise.
All merchandise will be sold at production cost and every holder will be able to get it.