Earning Structure

Earning Structure

In keeping with the integrity and transparency of the project, the earning structure around which NFT holders will have access to the profit share and the distribution of profits from the Gambling Apes Casino will be available to the public and as simple as we can make it.
Gambling Ape Holders receive 70% of the Net Gaming Revenue of both Casinos. The 70% profit share also applies to other events such as a potential future Exit.
Profit share will not change based on rarity of specific NFTs. It will always be the same for each NFT. Also, profit share will be for each NFT. So if you hold multiple Apes you will receive a higher profit share than someone who is only holding one Ape.

Reporting of Profit Share to Holders

Profit will be reported in 2 ways: The macro (total profit generated by the Casino, and by what games) profit - of which 70% will be shared between NFT holders – will be announced in monthly reports and distributed to NFT holders on the 7th of each month.
‌The Micro (how much profit each individual NFT Holder generated) will (always) be available to view through the Max Bet Club (Members only Section of the Website).

Promotion Wallet

‌The Gambling Apes Casino is going to be the best casino in the Metaverse with the best community on the planet. We already have thousands of fans, but we want to really change the NFT landscape, bring incredible utility to our art and supply the best games possible. Achieving this is why we have the 20% promotion wallet as part of the profit distribution.
The NFT space is LOUD. Promotion and marketing are key to growth and we intend to invest wisely in this, (ultimately driving more customers and investors and creating more Gambling Apes – which means a better experience for you, the owner.)
Co-Founder Marcel Schwarz owned a marketing agency focused on Influencer marketing and has a background in affiliate marketing for on-line casinos. What he doesn’t know about attracting big names, huge influencers and creating buzz probably isn’t worth knowing. He is bringing this expertise to the Gambling Apes.
Suffice to say we will have some big names joining us for launch day, a plethora of influencers joining the Metaverse and exciting names ‘de-gening’ their way to Gambling Ape status. Stay tuned and follow our channels for announcements!

Treasury for big wins

‌The 10% kept in the treasury will be stored as security for big wins by players. If Phil Ivey comes to town to play cards, the house needs a back-up.
Every casino has an edge; it’s what keeps the whole ecosystem alive. Every gambler knows this. The edge varies depending on the game. Roulette has a higher edge than blackjack for example. Baccarat has a lower edge than craps. In the Gambling Apes Casino the average house edge will be around 1.7%, this is in-line with the industry standard of around 1.9%
To calculate in a certain variance there will be a certain minimum we will need to keep in the public treasury wallet to factor in larger wins by players. As the minimum will be increased the max bet will also be increased.