Letter from the Founder

Welcome, dear friends and fellow degens!

Is there a better time than today to be part of this incredible NFT space? Has there ever been a better time to be alive? For me there hasn’t been, what we are all achieving as a team is beyond my wildest dreams and I can’t wait for you to be part of the Gambling Apes community so we can share the experience.

My co-founder and I are ravenous NFT collectors and big gamblers. But we are also entrepreneurs and see a gap in the market. We want to build an NFT collection that incorporates our passion for art and gambling, but also gives owners unmatched utility. Something we feel is missing in many of the NFT projects currently out there.

The Metaverse will be a digital utopia where all is possible, everywhere, all the time, in high definition clarity. Infinite, vibrant, alive and buzzing with art and culture, people living and working in worlds of their choosing. It will be complex and sublime, peaceful and raucous, foreign and exciting (like a casino). But we aren’t there yet. We should be building it today, not building spaceships to Mars.

First things first, we need to start with the entertainment centers which make real life so much fun. I’m a degen. The Metaverse needs a casino where players can gamble (or if poker is your game, I know it’s skill) their crypto, meet like-minded people and have a ‘whale’ of a time. This casino should be decentralized and owned by you and your fellow Gambling Apes NFT hodlers. The Gambling Apes Casino in Decentraland will be exactly that.

And the utility of the Gambling Apes NFTs doesn’t stop there. Own one and you will be coming to Las Vegas for our Go-Banana Parties. There will be another party during the year in a city of the community’s choosing. Don’t live in the States? Afraid of flying? Live your life completely in the Metaverse? Then you can join the community for free-to-enter competitions with huge prize pools, poker tournaments, blackjack tournaments and sports betting tips and chats. Alternatively, buy the awesome ape merchandise only available to owners.

There is more. So much more, and everyone at Gambling Apes is working around the clock for launch and chomping at the bit to see the community grow.

Everything is explained in more detail in this whitepaper. Please note, it is a work in progress, things may change (by change, I mean improved) and will be updated as we go.

Let’s stay winning!


Marcel Schwarz

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