This FAQ is only related to the Gambling Apes Metaverse Casino. If you want to get answers to general Gambling Apes NFT Questions please visit the FAQ Section in our Discord or submit a ticket.
Yes, absolutely! And not only will we need a gambling license, we will need one which supports cryptocurrency transactions. The big players in crypto casinos (, have the Curacao License and the Gambling Apes Casino is partnering with dot-Igaming to obtain this license. We, of course, will not be opening the doors until we are registered.
Having the Curacao gaming license will make the Gambling Apes Casino a global player with a trustworthy and regulated licensing protocol. It will mean more games for you, and you’ll be able to play them knowing your crypto is safe.
You can read more about the license here.

How do players know the games will be fair?

If you have read the Bitcoin white paper then you will be familiar (and probably not understand) hashing. This is important because the Gambling Apes Casino will use Provably Fair Technology. This guarantees a fair outcome and allows players to verify, should they feel otherwise.
“Hashing is the transformation of a longer string of data into a shorter string. In the context of provably fair gambling, when a seed number is hashed, it is encrypted. For all practical purposes, the cryptographic hashes used at Bitcoin gambling sites are considered unbreakable. This means you can be sure they haven’t been tampered with.”
You can read more about PFT here.
In addition to the random number generator and seed generators which make for a fair outcome, players and gamblers in the Gambling Apes Casino will use their MetaMask wallet and play directly from there, thus having full control over transactions.

Will there be an Affiliate Program?

‌Anyone who has clicked ‘all in’ on an online poker site will have also clicked on an affiliate marketing banner. Affiliate marketing is, along with A-list gambling superstars (GGPoker, anyone?), fundamental to the growth of an online casino. The Gambling Apes Casino will have a generous affiliate program and you will be rewarded for each and every player you bring to the casino. Gambling Apes is a community, after all.
More Information on the Program will be announced soon. Join our Discord to be the first to know.

What games will be available and what is the house edge?

At launch three casino games will be available to play.
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
‌Soon after we will be introducing poker and baccarat. The Gambling Apes NFT roadmap has weekly poker tournaments for all NFT holders, so we are especially excited about this. Of all the casino games, poker is the most communal experience and most liked by the Gambling Apes community. We realize this and will push for completion.
- The House Edge
The house edge is different from game to game. This is true in the brick and mortar casinos of Las Vegas and Monaco as well as online. The house edge also varies depending on your skill level. The house will have a smaller edge on Co-founder Noah due to his skill level at Blackjack, for example.
Some averages to keep in mind: For Blackjack it’s around 0,85%, for Roulette 2,9% and for Slots 12,4%.
Regarding the house edge, don’t forget that as a Gambling Apes NFT holder you will be collecting your share of the profits.

Will the weekly competitions also take place in the Gambling Apes Casino?

Yes! The Poker and Blackjack Tournaments will take place in the Casino. So you’ll be able to use your Ape Avatar and play against other apes!

When will the Gambling Apes Casino Launch?

As soon as we have obtained our gambling license, ticked all the boxes and finished the most beautiful online Metaverse casino experience possible, the Gambling Apes Casino doors will be flung wide open for all you degens. We are aiming for a mid-November launch date.
Can’t wait that long? Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it. Besides, it gives you time to work on your game before the big launch. Speaking of which, there will be a gargantuan launch party and a host of well-known crypto, NFT and gambling influencers and stars to rub Ape shoulders with.
Of course, as a Gambling Apes NFT holder you will have exclusive access to Discord channels where casino updates will be posted (1-2x per week) to keep you excited and in the loop on what is happening.

How will the Gambling Apes Casino be different from other Casinos in the Metaverse?

There are over 9,000 casinos in the world, including 144 in Las Vegas. People love to gamble, play cards and hang out in casinos. All of these casinos are different and offer the public a different experience, stakes, and games. At Gambling Apes we don’t see this as a competition, we see it as a community, a collection of people and places where like-minded people get together, have fun, gamble, play, and live.
If you want a difference, we are a promoter of the Metaverse. We believe in the decentralized, multi-platform future. Our aim is to help the groundswell, to encourage and help players, collectors, NFT fans and gamers to make the shift from the ‘normal’ internet to the Metaverse. We do this via our casinos. And we can’t wait to share it with you.
Shuffle Up And Deal Gambling Apes.
We did an AMA on our Discord server on September 2nd regarding the whitepaper. You will find some more answers in the #whitepaper-ama channel.